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Echoes Sentinel Newspaper

The Echoes Sentinel endorsed Rick de Pinho for Warren Township Committee.  EDITORIAL: Vote de Pinho in Warren

Residents would be best served by choosing the Independent candidate Rick de Pinho.

For three years, de Pinho has been asking questions in a meeting chamber that is often nearly empty. On many occasions, he has been the only one asking questions.  He has held the Township Committee’s feet to the fire on issues ranging from tax abatement deals for developers to minutiae like the video quality of public meeting broadcasts.  He would offer an outsider’s perspective on the issues, and we know he is not afraid to play devil’s advocate. It would be a service to Warren residents if he could continue his scrutiny of township issues from behind the dais.We endorse de Pinho because of his own tenacity and willingness to challenge the committee on the issues.  We find de Pinho to be the best choice.

Jonathan Wolfson of Wilshire Rd in Warren

Vote Rick de Pinho for Warren Township Committee

Any government left it municipal state or federal.. is never good for it's constituents.  Challenging, energetic and NEW voices are needed to insure all citizens are fairly represented. Despite our political differences, we're all Warrenites. Attending town council meetings, I've seen that challenging, energetic voice in resident Rick de Pinho, and when he speaks, he speaks for all of us. Questioning expenditures, working hard to insure transparency in our local government...spending his free time doing the work many of us can't be bothered with or are un-inclined to do.  As a long-time Republican turned Independent, I urge all Warren residents that want their voices to be heard to vote for Rick de Pinho for Warren Township Committee.  It's time for new voices and fresh ideas in Warren Township. It's time to do all we can to maintain the excellent quality of life we've come to enjoy.

Sheridan Ameo of Hillcrest Blvd in Warren

Vote Rick de Pinho for Warren Township Committee

I first met Rick de Pinho two years ago when he dropped by my house to talk about his campaign.  I’ve never met someone so informed and inspired to provide a voice to the citizens who feel their concerns are ignored.  Rick understands that local politics should not be partisan.  I can personally vouch for Rick de Pinho as a man who possesses not only the integrity, empathy, and intelligence for the job, but someone who is called to public service because he feels he owes it to Warren- to us- to ensure we have the local government that we deserve.   Rick loves this town and the people who reside in it. He runs not for achievement, not for gain, and certainly not for power. He runs because he has a vision for Warren, a vision that I and so many others in Warren share; Rick de Pinho wants a Warren in which the power is in our hands.  I write to you to create true change in the town that we all love so much.  I hope that you will cast your ballot in my stead so that we may achieve the selfless and transparent government that Warren deserves.

A special thank you to Sheridan for her letter as she is quite an articulate and special young lady who made canvassing a rewarding experience.  We look forward to seeing her own development and success in the coming years.  

Gerard Randolph of Morning Glory Road in Warren 

Independent Rick de Pinho is the right choice for Warren

Think about the things that matter to you most.  It is probably your family, home and bottom line.  Now think about what group of people have some of the greatest impact on those things.  No, not the people in D.C or Trenton.  The people you should be thinking about are right here in Warren, it’s our Township Committee.   They impact you every time you open your tax bill only to see it has gone up yet again, while they hand out tax abatements to developers.  They impact you by keeping silent and not seeking your input, as they make plans to build over 1000 affordable housing units in our neighborhoods. Plans that will surely impact our property values. They impact you when they choose not to address serious problems with traffic, overburdened services or local environmental issues, but instead give a green light to one development project after another.  Now I want you to think about an alternative to just more of the same from the Warren Township Committee.  Rick de Pinho is an independent voice, he does not answer to a political machine, but he will answer to you.  And he is no friend to developers.  Rick is a long-time resident of Warren who wants to put a stop to the cycle of development and lack of transparency that has been the norm for so many years.  Rick will shine a light on the closed-door dealing, and he will keep you informed.  He will listen to your concerns and be a voice for you, when they won’t listen.  He will fight to lower our taxes and work to ensure the best quality of life for our residents.  I know Rick and he his sole interest is to serve the residents of Warren.  I am voting for an independent Rick de Pinho and I urge you to do the same.

Brenda Doherty of Thoresen Road in Warren 

Why I will be voting for Rick de Pinho

I first met Rick in the Spring of 2017 when he introduced himself to me as a candidate for the Warren Township Committee at a locally held business coffee. My first impression of Rick was that this was someone who truly cared about Warren. Someone who wanted to actually put a personal stake in ending the vicious cycle of unopposed elections for seats on the Warren township Committee, elections that offered no choice in candidates and have been leading to apathy and low voter turnout among Warren residents. Someone who cared about Warren’s future as a rural small town in the face of the unfairly mandated Affordable Housing handed down by career politicians and their cronies from Trenton.  Further conversations with Rick proved him to be a loving husband, a participating caretaker for his Mom who recently past, and a lover of life and of adventure. Even with a very full life Rick feels compelled to give back to his community.  Rick is running again now in the 2019 election because he truly believes Warren deserves better. Rick believes that for far too long Warren residents have been subjected to non-answers during committee meetings for straight forward asked questions. Rick believes in transparency in our local government, the inclusion of long-standing resident expertise and a hands-on approach to the issues that challenge our community.  I will be voting for Rick this November 5th.


To reach as many residents as possible, and discuss issues facing our town, please let me know if you are willing to host a meet and greet house party.  

Thanks! Message sent.


I am canvassing as much of our town as possible.  I am meeting my fellow Warren residents to hear about the issues that are most important to all of us.  I would welcome volunteers that can help spread the word, join me in canvassing,  and host a lawn sign. 


I'm someone who sincerely wants to give back.  I can provide intelligent, diligent and committed leadership.  The reality of running a campaign requires funds.  Please consider making a donation if you want to support my efforts to serve our township to make Warren an even better community to live in.

You can send a check made payable  to "de Pinho for Township Committee" to

11 Wilshire Rd, Warren, NJ 07059.  

Please click/use the Contribution Form

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