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  • Jolanta Maziarz voted to raise taxes for existing taxpayers in August when she approved another 30-year tax abatement, known as a PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes), for a developer at Flag Plaza.

  • 30 year tax abatements have been approved for hundreds of housing units by our Township Committee, including luxury townhomes at the old King George Inn & DuBois Road.

  • Maziarz was handpicked by the incumbent Township Committee.  Township Committee member and Deputy Mayor, Mick Marion, serves as her campaign manager.

  • Warren holds the dubious distinction of having had the longest serving elected official in NJ with 72 years of continuous service.  Some recent members have served for over 30 years. 

  • Maziarz is a real estate developer and investor with relationships with many other governing bodies and developers - a potential conflict of interest in making unbiased and fair decisions.

  • Maziarz spoke out in support of adding 1,048 new affordable housing units at the special meeting on October 1, 2018 which was even before being handpicked this year. 

  • Maziarz has continually refused to hold a Candidates’ Forum even though our polled residents have unanimously answered that they wanted to have a Candidates’ Forum.





  • It’s simple math - existing taxpayers will be paying higher taxes  for schools, the county, the library, open space, etc. for the next 30 years because of those handouts to developers.

  • I am the Independent candidate Warren needs, who has no cozy relationships with political parties, governing bodies nor developers, and no conflicts of interest to influence objectivity.   

  • I will not vote to hand out tax abatements, and I will fight and do more to lower our taxes.


  • The Township Committee has not been forthright with residents about the affordable housing process during the last round and didn’t give residents the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the process. 

  • If elected, I will be transparent, fair, and honest with residents, and provide information so residents can truly participate in developing solutions that minimize the impact on and preserve the rural nature of our town. 


  • I have proposed, and am still willing to participate in, a Candidates’ Forum because I believe our residents deserve to hear their candidates make their cases for their votes. 

  • If elected, I will continually engage with our community to share information and listen to residents’ concerns on all issues pressing our township so residents will be part of the solution.

My name is Rick de Pinho and I am running as an Independent candidate for the Warren Township Committee.  When I last ran for the Township Committee in 2017, there were a number of issues of concern, lack of transparency, controlling taxes, increasing public safety that I felt could be improved upon.  I have chosen to run in 2019 since I still feel all of these issues mentioned and many other still could be improved upon.  I have decided to run in 2019 as the candidate that practices transparency and enables your voice to be heard on the Township Committee.  I will work to listen to our resident’s concerns, communicate early and clearly with our residents about critical issues, and welcome their comments and solutions so that their voices and concerns are received by and considered by the governing body.  I have always wanted to give something back to my community, and believe I can do so by serving on the Township Committee to make Warren the best town to live in in New Jersey.

I was born and raised in Newark, NJ by a single parent, and have lived in Warren with my wife, Wendy, for over 18 years.  We truly enjoy all that Warren has to offer; from its safety, excellent recreational options, great schools, community/country oriented nature, to its proximity to NYC and the great number of local restaurants and businesses. 

After graduating high school from Seton Hall Prep, I attended New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), as an Institute Scholar, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s of Science in Engineering Management.  I also attended Seton Hall University Law School graduating with a Juris Doctor in Law.


I worked at the Port Authority of NY & NJ in various capacities from Management & Budget, Engineering and Law.  I taught, as an adjunct professor, both undergraduate and graduate level classes in Systems Analysis, Engineering, and Computer Science at NJIT.  I negotiated patent licensing agreements while working at a number of technology companies such as Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs, Telcordia/Bellcore, LSI and Avago/Broadcom, with my most recent work as a Senior Licensing Executive/Attorney negotiating multi-million dollar licensing agreements. 

My education as an engineer enhanced my skills as a natural problem solver and my law school training enabled me to spot key issues and advocate positions.  My varied work experience provided me with opportunities to travel throughout the world where I gained valuable cultural insights and learned diverse ideas and approaches.  I served as a volunteer on the NJIT Alumni Association Board in various positions for many years, including serving consecutive terms as President of the NJIT Alumni Association.  My various experiences have prepared me to be able to serve with a creative mind and to be flexible while working in a committee environment such as on Warren’s Township Committee.

In summary, I will work to make Warren an even better town to live in.  I am devoted to listening to the concerns of all our residents and to being accessible and approachable.  I hope to use my background and skills to address and solve the issues facing our town and its residents.  Although some issues may be beyond the control of our Township Committee, I will work to make sure our residents' concerns are heard by other governing bodies (Congressman, State & County officials, Utility Companies, Postal Service, etc.) who can address and mitigate such. 

My agenda is solely to serve the residents of Warren.  I am a firm believer in being transparent and what you see is what you get.  I’ll strive to be fair, independent and earn your trust if given the chance to serve the township. 


"F.I.T. to Serve"

Warren Township

Fresh Ideas 

As someone who is well traveled and new to politics, I can provide the Fresh Ideas, diversity of thought being Independent, and different skill set that can make Warren an even better town.


Running as an Independent candidate affords me the ability to truly remain non-partisan.  I will be that independent representative devoted to making sure our residents' voices and concerns are heard on the Township Committee.  It should be about doing what is best for our town and its residents!


Government is supposed to serve the public and transparency is needed to build trust.  Government transparency shows humility in its administration and allows for accountability.  I will improve communication of opportunities to be involved and disseminate information on issues so residents are able participate more effectively and be heard in our township's government.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. 


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