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November 5, 2017

de Pinho thanks VOW for endorsement
de Pinho pledged, “I will work to ensure our community is made aware of opportunities to serve on government subcommittees and commissions, and that the selection process is open. I will encourage reaching out to the community in a variety of ways to explain what the Township Committee is considering doing, so input can be received and issues like affordable housing, the East County Park, and mini-cell towers could receive the public’s input before decisions are made and finalized."

November 5, 2017

Rick de Pinho: Fresh Ideas, Inclusive & Transparent, FIT to Serve!
Rick pledged that "I will ensure more robust disclosure is ingrained as a common practice.  Governing this way shows humility in administering and allows for government accountability."  Vote de Pinho on November 7th!

November 4, 2017

Canvassing: A most fulfilling experience
Meeting residents in person, being invited into their homes, and getting to know neighbors more by canvassing has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences.  Speaking face-to-face with residents puts these concerns into perspective, allowing me to truly appreciate how their lives are truly impacted and how passionate they are.  The common issues, concerns, and goals that bind our community help me to empathize and continue to motivate me to work for the betterment of our town and all its residents. 

Visit the League of Women Voters Election Information

You Visit to learn about the candidates running for office in your community and where they stand on the issues!

October 20, 2017

Incumbents Reluctant to participate in a Candidate Forum
de Pinho issued his third candidate statement detailing the reluctance of the incumbents  to partake in a candidate forum and sharing how openness with the public can be improved.

October 19, 2017

de Pinho Sits Down with Local Reporter
It was great to sit down and speak with our local reporter at the Echoes Sentinel and share a bit more about myself ahead of the election on November 7th

October 14, 2017

League of Women's Voters Q&A

Read Rick's League of Women’s Voters of New Jersey questions and answers.  Visit to make informed choices on Election Day.

November 3, 2017

de Pinho hopes to improve communication on Township Committee
de Pinho said "Government needs to be inclusive and transparent. Wouldn't it be a proud moment for all of us if Warren is ranked No. 1 in government participation and transparency?  That's a distinction that I want for our town."

October 12, 2017

de Pinho urges 'inclusive, transparent' government in Warren
Read Rick's mantra about Fresh ideas, Inclusiveness & Transparency.  See the Echoes Sentinel coverage about Rick's being FIT to Serve the residents of Warren Township.

October 31, 2017

The Candidates Forum that Wasn't:  A disservice to Warren's residents
Read how the incumbents believe that reluctance to participate in a Candidates Forum is based upon the premise that such a Forum would be likely to drive a wedge between the candidates and foster bitterness.  Their campaign manager alleges they are constantly available to residents yet they are not responding to residents calls and emails.  The real facts are both incumbents chose not to respond to emails and phone calls since October 14th about participating in a neutral Candidates Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters.  What are they hiding from?

October 28, 2017
Openness and Transparency might have helped on East County Park, Cell Towers & Affordable Housing Issues:  The Importance of a Candidates Forum

Messrs. Lazo and Marion failed to respond to requests from two weeks ago to participate in a Candidates Forum moderated by the League of Women Voters.  Neighboring towns have held a Candidates Forum where residents have the opportunity to learn more about the candidates and the issues.  The residents of Warren deserve to be able to "size up" the candidates individually and independently, not as a slate behind the other members of the Township Committee!  de Pinho said that its easy to "talk the talk" but not "walk the walk."  The League of Women Voters offered to hold open the availability of a moderator and de Pinho remains hopeful and willing to participate in a Candidates Forum.

October 24, 2017

de Pinho's Snapshot
Read about the New, Fiscally Responsible, Independent Voice for a better Warren. The Fresh ideas, Inclusive & Transparent Candidate who is FIT to Serve!

October 23, 2017

de Pinho says more transparency needed on Warren Township Committee
Rick de Pinho thanked his supporters and reiterated his commitment to transparency.   de Pinho detailed how his requests to the incumbents to participate in a Candidates Forum have gone unanswered.  It's sad that our public servants are unwilling to even reply to emails and numerous phone calls.  

October 6, 2017

TAP into Warren Candidate Statement
Read Rick's initial candidate statement, FIT to Serve: Fresh ideas, Inclusive & Transparent published on TAP into Warren.

September 11, 2017

de Pinho speaks at Warren Sept. 11 ceremony

Warren resident Rick de Pinho remembers the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks 16 years later during Warren Township's memorial ceremony on Monday, Sept. 11.

Warren hosted an emotional ceremony at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 11, remembering the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. More than 50 residents attended the ceremony, which began with members of the Warren Township Honor Guard laying a wreath at the memorial at the municipal complex. The Rev. Michael Jones, right, of Mt. Bethel Baptist church, read the invocation as residents, first responders and the Warren Township Committee bowed their heads. Police Chief William Keane, residents Karen Kaslusky and Rick de Pinho, Township Committee members, and Tom Byrne, executive assistant to the fire department, were among the speakers. 

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April 12, 2017

NJ GOP Rep. Lance Faces Skeptical Voters at Town Hall


Rick de Pinho, 50, said he had been a Republican for 15 years but became a Democrat because of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. He says he voted for Lance in the past but is not sure about supporting him again and that Trump's administration has spurred him to run for local office in his hometown of Warren.

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